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Sweden Genealogy Genline Workbook by David Ullian Larson

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Swedish American Genealogy Humor

Available now.

This collection of humorous thoughts by a Swedish American genealogist in booklet form will provide belly laughs, snickers, understanding nods, and chuckles to you if you have experience working on Swedish Genealogy with Genline.

Some entries will make you think. Others may make you groan. A few entries are not related to genealogy but focus on Swedish American life. Many will remind you of growing up in a Swedish American family. All will make you happy to be a Swedish American.

This booklet will make a fine gift to any Swedish American genealogist. But you will want to read it from cover to cover first. Once you get started it is hard to put down. The pages can be copied and used as mini posters for your refrigerator, tack board or office cubical wall. They are thought provoking and certainly will stimulate conversation.

The handwriting script type style is used to simulate the handwriting in Swedish Church Records. Samples of these entries can be found at the bottom of several pages of the Sweden Genealogy Genline Workbook. Here's one of my favorites:

Most of my Swedish ancestors
seem to have been drangs and pigas
who lived in a torp
on the rote.

This will take some explaining to anyone not familiar with Swedish Church Records. The 140 page (70 pages two sided) booklet is 5 x 8 1/2 inches. There is from one to three entries per page.  Written in English.

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